CQU Summer School

CQU International Summer Session

The Chongqing University International Summer Session Program will be held from June 3 to July 5,2019. The 5-week program covers a wide range of undergraduate level courses from art, history, philosophy, psychology, to mathematics, finance, marketing and management. All courses are taught in English by renowned professors from both home and abroad. This program provides students with a most remarkable opportunity to develop academic interests and achieve long-term educational goals.

The summer program is open to college and pre-college students as well as international students who are interested in learning about the Chinese language and culture. Engaged in a stimulating and enjoyable learning environment, students are to share and explore knowledge and to achieve academic success in a greater sense.

Look to experience an interesting and rewarding summer in Chongqing? Apply for the Chongqing University Summer Session Program today if you are interested!